Tilley (kitzen_kat) wrote in grumpyoldwomen,


OK, I don't care what sort of vehicle people drive as long as they can drive it competently.

This obviously doesn't include the twit of a woman who was driving an enormous 4WD in a small shopping centre car park, nearly side-swiping a truck and a small car, and then demonstrating that she was incapable of parking even with a 20 metre lead in. She then trundled off at the grand speed of 40 kph in a 60 zone, probably still trying to find fourt gear (which is undoubtedly hiding somewhere near reverse).

There should be mandatory defensive driver training for those who buy a vehicle that is larger than a station wagon. I'm sick of having parking spaces taken up by poor parking, not to mention trying to miss 4WDs and vans that pull out of parking spaces without checking what's around them first.
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