Tilley (kitzen_kat) wrote in grumpyoldwomen,


Poor parking in public car parks is one of my pet peeves.

*One* space per vehicle. Not driving in at an angle and taking up two spaces. And as for that bloke who drives around with an *empty* trailer behind his car, taking up two spaces at the busiest times in the shopping centre, he's lucky I haven't had time to have a word with him or to offer to undo his trailer since he obviously can't do that himself.

Those people driving large 4WDs need to take more care when reversing. I want them to look in *all* their mirrors and over their shoulder, and don't assume that everything will get out of their way just because they're driving a large vehicle.

As for the inconsiderate person who parked so close to my car when I was seven months pregnant so that I couldn't get the door open enough, there are no words to describe them. At that point I couldn't even clamber over the gear stick from the passenger's side.

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